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Catalogue description

GEV GOES event list goes_xray_flare event 2007-Jan-01 2007-Jan-10 active 25
Solar H-alpha Flare events halpha_flares_event event 1980-Jan-01 2010-Jan-31 active 189255
NOAA SGAS Energetic Events sgas_event event 1996-Jan-04 2004-Jan-08 active 6474
Yohkoh HXT Flare List yohkoh_flare_list event 1991-Oct-01 2001-Dec-14 closed 3112
HESSI Flare List hessi_flare event 0000--00 0000--00 active 0
Kanzelhoehe Flare List kso_flare event 0000--00 0000--00 active 0
EIT Waves eit_list list 1997-Mar-25 1998-Jun-16 closed 460
Yohkoh SXT TRACE flare list yohkoh_sxt_trace_list list 1900-Jan-22 1999-Dec-27 closed 392
NOAA Proton Events noaa_proton_event event 0000--00 0000--00 active 0
LASCO CME Catalogue lasco_cme_cat event 1996-Jan-11 2015-Oct-31 active 26582
LASCO Preliminary CME List lasco_cme_list event 1900-May-26 2909-Dec-23 active 12170
BAS Magnetic Storms bas_magnetic_storms index 1992-Jan-08 2002-Dec-28 inactive 372
NOAA SRS Active Regions srs_list index 1996-Jan-02 2004-Jan-09 active 29326
SoHO Campaign soho_camp list 1996-Mar-06 2010-May-07 active 1305
NOAA Daily Solar Data dsd_list index 1994-Jan-01 2013-Dec-31 active 7305
SIDC Smoothed Monthly Sunspot No. sidc_sunspot_number index 1749-Jul-01 2014-Nov-30 active 3185
DRAO 10.7cm Radio Flux Monitor drao_10cm_flux index 1975-Jan-01 2007-Jun-06 active 19996
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